Crucible melting furnaces

високотемпературні furnaces are suitable for melting aluminium, zinc, copper, bronze, and other base metals. Metal melting is carried out in crucibles; an emergency release for molten material is designed at the furnace bottom through the mounted ceramic tube.

• The chamber is made of thermal insulating blocks and bricks
• Manually sealed lid
• Heating elements in channels on ceramic tubes
• Crucible heating throughout all the dimension
• An emergency load release at the furnace bottom
• Microprocessor heating controller
• Protection against overheating
• High-quality and environmentally friendly thermal insulation material
• Low power consumption
• Short heating time

• High level of accuracy
• Exterior painted with heat resistant paints
• 1 year guarantee

• Crucible
• Digital timer
• Data recorder
• Connection to computer via RS-232/RS-485/USB
• Calibration and maintenance of temperature measurement system
• Additional 1 year guarantee


SNOL 110-1100