SNOL 40/1200 LSF01

Високоточна універсальна електропіч SNOL 40/1200 призначена для термообробки різних матеріалів testing, heat treatment such as hardening, loosening, normalizing, ceramic and stoneware samples firing до 1200°C. To eliminate gasses or smokes that are released during thermal processing, exhaust system may be additionally installed in the products. The furnace is excellent fit for scientific laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios, medicine and industry.


  • Chamber made of fiber thermal insulation plates,
  • Heating elements in the grooves in three sides of the chamber,
  • Outside casing in metal sheet, powder painting grey,
  • Door opens to the right side,
  • Door safety interlock switch,
  • Control panel is placed in under part of the furnace,
  • Microprocessor – temperature controller (Basic model- Omron E5CC),
  • Ceramic bottom plates,
  • Fast heating time due to low thermal mass construction,
  • Low power consumption,
  • Good stability and uniformity.


  • Fan-assisted chimney for forced air extraction
  • Additional ceramic bottom plates
  • Buzzer
  • Digital timer
  • Protection against overheating
  • Data recorder
  • RS232/RS-485/USB interface
  • Calibration of temperature measurement system
  • Table for supporting the furnace
  • Protective gas atmosphere
  • Metal tray


Технічні характеристики Dimension  SNOL 40/1200 LSF01
Корисний об'єм Liter 40
Номінальна потужність не більше kW 3.4
Номінальна напруга живлення V 230
Номінальна частота Hz 50
кількість фаз - 1
Діапазон робочих температур °C T+10-1200
Maximum  temperature °C 1200
Working chamber material - Fiber plates
Maximum heating- up time (without charge) Min. 150
Температура stability in working chamber at rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ± °C 1
Температура uniformity in working space at rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ±°C 10
Furnace working chamber dimensions:
width mm 290
depth mm 420
height mm 290
Furnace external dimensions:
width mm 650
depth mm 875
height mm 835
Mass kg 105