KTM3 – Теплоізоляційні плити

KTM-3 type of thermal insulation materials are produced from a range of refractory ceramic fibers blended with organic and inorganic binder systems. The boards exhibit good chemical stability, resisting attacks from most corrosive agents. KTM-3 boards are negatively affected by hydrogen fluoride (HF) acid, phosphorus acid, concentrated alkali. They do not contain any asbestos, while using there is no unhealthy gas secretion.


  • Two application temperatures  до 1260◦C and 1430◦C
  • високотемпературні stability;
  • Low warpage;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Excellent thickness control;
  • Easy to cut by knife, cutting or grinding machines;
  • Easy to fix by high temperature glue;
  • Good flexural and compressive strength;
  • Resistant to thermal shocks.







thermal insulation boards characteristics